Foodie for Thought

Brandon Valdez 28 years old


“ I grew up in Brooklyn, and I live in Queens now. It’s funny being a New Yorker. I don’t go to the city as much, but when I do, it’s with friends, and my girlfriend. Mainly, I go for the food. I look at the city as a place to try new things. I’ve never been to the Statue of Liberty. I never went to World Trade Center. But I go where there is food. I’m mainly about the boroughs and trying food in the boroughs. I like Brooklyn, and Queens. I like to try different types of food. I work here {Naomi’s Kosher Pizza} because it’s about food. I love making food, and having people eat my food. I will try anything, at least once. This is my family business, we’ve been here for 49 years. I enjoy working here. It is something I’ve been doing since I was young. In here, I am, me. I know the food, the smells, and it’s my passion. I know I don’t look like a food lover, but I am one.”

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